Banking Calculator - Android App

Banking Calculator - Financial Utility App.

This app helps user to simulate interest earnings from future savings investments using the compound interest formula, estimate monthly loan payment, get Live FX rates from over 120 countries and share the results.
App offer 5 calculators and Foreign Exchange Rate Currency Converter:
► Certificate Deposit Calculator – User can select the interest compounding type: Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually.
► Savings Calculator – User can select a deposit term from 1 year up to a term of 10 years. Interest is compounded on Monthly basis.
►Savings Goal Calculator - User can select a deposit term from 1 month up to a term of 999 months. Interest is compounded on Monthly basis.
►Loan Calculator - User can select a loan term, from 1 month up to a term of 999 months.
►Investment Calculator - User can evaluate an investment with key ratios like annualized ROI.
►Currency Converter - User can get 121 countries Live Foreign Exchange rate and convert them to their local currency.

How to use:

User need to tap "Calculate" button after all input fields are populated with data for the app to display the estimated returns.
From result display activity, user can tap the "Compare" button to add another investment calculations to view the comparative results display side by side with option to share and tap the "Amortization" button to view the investment schedule for detailed break up on interest accruals.

► Enter only “Numeric” characters, decimal points are enabled only for interest rate fields
► "Calculate Button" is enabled only after all input fields are populated with user data
► Tap the "Calculate" Button to generate results based on the values entered by you. ► Tap the "Share" Button to save or share the results. ► Tap the "compare" Button to add another investment to compare results. ► Tap the "Amortization" Button to view Amortization Schedule.


► Live FX Rate
► Estimate your future savings and interest earned on your future savings
► Results are displayed in new activity with an option to share
► Amortization schedule. ► Compare Activity - Add another investment calculation. ► Share or Save your results. ► Can work with no internet
► Your information stays with your phone

Disclaimer: This app is designed based on the compound interest formula used commonly to calculate daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual interest. Our app is not promoting or offering savings instruments/products. App delivers the results based on the information entered by the user. Please use this App for educational and general knowledge purpose.

This version is FREE and is supported by ads. You can remove the Ads by purchasing the app. To Purchase click tool bar on right top of your screen from app launcher screen.

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