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Profit Margin Ratio - Financial Ratio Calculator

What is Financial Ratio?

Financial Ratios can help business owners and managers to compare, measure, understand the overall health of the business. Financial Ratios vary based on the Industry, Sectors and Businesses. This App covers key financial ratios:

► Liquidity Ratio
► Profitability Ratio
► Efficiency Ratio
► Financial Leverage Ratio
► Market Value Ratio

To learn more about the formula used in the financial ratio calculator visit our web version:

How to use:

► Enter only “Numeric” characters
► "Calculate Button" is enabled only after all input fields are populated with user data
► Results are displayed in new activity with an option to share


► Calculates - Average Accounts Receivable in Days
► Calculates - Average Inventory Turnover in Days
► Compare - Your Total Debt / Equity
► Measures - Net/Gross Profit Margin / Return on Equity or Assets
► Measures - Amount of Liquidity you have to pay your long-term and short-term debt
► Can work with or without no internet

What is Profitability Ratio?

Profitability ratios are used to assess the business ability to generate earnings relative to its assets, equity and sales:
► Profit Margin
► Return on Assets
► Return on Equity

What is Liquidity Ratio?

Liquidity ratios are used to determine a company or businesses ability to pay short and long term liabilities (Loans/Bills payable):
► Current Ratio
► Quick Ratio
► Net Working Capital Ratio

What is Efficiency (Activity) Ratio?

Efficiency ratios are used to analyze how well a business uses its assets and liabilities internally:
► Asset Turnover Ratio
► Account Receivable Turnover Ratio
► Inventory Turnover Ratio

What is Financial Leverage Ratio?

Leverage ratios are used to determine the proportion of Total Debt (Borrowed Capital) to Total Equity and proportion of Income Before Interest & Tax and Interest Expense (debt and interest rate coverage):
► Debt to Equity Ratio
► Debt Ratio
► Interest Coverage Ratio

What is Market Value Ratio?

Market prospect ratios are used to determine the company's performance from an investors perspective:
► Earnings Per Share (EPS)
► Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio
► Dividend Payout Ratio

Disclaimer: This app is designed based on the financial formula used commonly to calculate Liquidity, Profitability, Efficiency and Risk Ratios. App delivers results based on the information entered by the user. Please use this App for educational and general knowledge purpose.

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